News about Keil Anlagenbau

At Keil Anlagenbau, we always find new ways to optimize production plants and increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Here we will keep you up-to-date about our latest engineering developments and news about us. If you like to know more about a certain topic, just get in contact with us. We will be very glad to provide you with more information.

  • Hydrogen - energy carrier of the future

    Keil Anlagenbau was able to secure the first order for a large-scale project in the field of hydrogen technology.

    The European Commission cited hydrogen as being a solution capable of decarbonizing “industrial processes and economic sectors where reducing carbon emissions is both urgent and hard to achieve”.


    Through electrolysis, water is converted into hydrogen and oxygen, releasing hardly any CO2, and can thus be part of an emission-free energy production.

    Hydrogen can consequently play a key role, especially in the field of renewable energies.

    As a carrier of green energy, the highly flammable hydrogen is often not produced where it is needed. At present, it is stored and transported either in gaseous form in pressure vessels or in liquid form cooled in special tanks.

    Using hydrogen efficiently as an energy carrier will be the task of the future.

    Keil Anlagenbau is part of these new ideas. The whole team is looking forward to the new challenge.

  • CHANCE³ - three companies, three focal points and three opportunities

    Together with Pur Ingenieur GmbH and Indulor Chemie GmbH, Keil Anlagenbau has decided to break new ground in the field of recruiting.

    The three companies, which together represent the complete cycle of the chemical industry, combine the advantages of large companies with the benefits of medium-sized businesses.


    Applicants can experience the complete cycle of the chemical industry: Design, planning, assembling, commissioning and production, and not in one company, but at three different employers.

    Whether it's an internship, a thesis, a student job, project work or the first job, the CHANCE³ project offers applicants a wide range of opportunities to try things out and learn.

    For more information, visit

  • EcoVadis – Certified Sustainability at Keil Anlagenbau

    This year, Keil Anlagenbau has yet again applied for the certification by EcoVadis in order to get an evaluation of its commitment in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

    After being awarded the bronze medal in 2020 when it was first certified, Keil Anlagenbau was awarded the silver medal for the first time this year. This puts Keil Anlagenbau among the top 25% of all certified companies by EcoVadis.




    Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has been evaluating the impact of the environment, labor and human rights, as well as ethics and sustainable procurement in its holistic rating. The rating is carried out depending on the industry, size and location of the company. Until today over 90,000 companies worldwide have already opted for the EcoVadis certification.

    “The rating does not only identify the company's strengths in the area of Corperate Social Responsibility, but also defines areas for improvement in order to lead the company to a more sustainable future” emphasises Stephan Krüger, quality manager and initiator of the EcoVadis certification at Keil Anlagenbau.

    By participating in this project, Keil Anlagenbau has set itself the goal of offering sustainable services and products in order to contribute to a permanently more sustainable use of existing resources in cooperation with suppliers and customers.


  • KEIL Anlagenbau brings more efficiency to Fischerwerke production

    Standstill is regression, which is why KEIL Anlagenbau is always developing solutions for and with its customers to increase efficiency. In 2013, KEIL supplied Fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG in Denzlingen a reactor for cooking resins and two tanks for storage. In 2016, the largest gravitube built to date was added, which brought significant time savings to the production process. The joint journey continues in 2022. KEIL Anlagenbau was commissioned with the delivery and installation of three additional 30 m³ tanks, including extraction pumps, corresponding electrical engineering and the relocation of the rack storage. In the course of this, the TKW unloading station and the control panel were also expanded.



    The storage capacity of the main raw material at the site was thus significantly increased. Fischerwerke is the specialist in fastening technology. When it comes to fastening systems made of plastic, metal or chemical fasteners, craftsmen and professionals trust fischer's products. In individual plant construction, Fischerwerke trusts the KEIL company. We would like to express our sincere thanks for the renewed cooperation.


  • Tank farm for customer GSB reliably delivered despite difficult weather conditions

    While the storm lows Zeynep and Antonia kept Germany in suspense, KEIL Anlagenbau reliably started the installation of a large tank farm order at GSB Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Bayern GmbH.

    Our customer takes care of the environmentally friendly disposal of industrial waste. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and individual concepts, GSB already provides forward-looking disposal services. Despite the weather conditions, the six 100 m³ containers for liquid industrial waste for hazardous waste incineration were erected without incident. This was an important milestone in the project and the further work can now follow. We thank you very much for the good cooperation with our customer GSB and our construction partner Mayrbau.


  • KEIL Anlagenbau wins the confidence of Strandfoam

    The South African mattress manufacturer Strandfoam Group (PTY) LTD is opening a new site in Swindon/England and has awarded KEIL Anlagenbau an extensive contract. Strandfoam looks back on a history of over 50 years and the company's fortunes are still managed by the descendants of the founding Laurie family. Its wide range of polyurethane products are used primarily in the furniture, bedding, packaging and medical industries. The new site will significantly increase production capacity and open up new sales markets.

    Building a plant at a completely new location is always a very interesting project, as many different trades have to work together to build a perfect plant for the customer. At the UTECH in Maastricht in November, final talks were held between KEIL Anlagenbau and Strandfoam and sealed with a handshake. It was immediately clear that Strandfoam had found the right partner for the implementation in KEIL Anlagenbau. It shows how uncomplicated but also goal-oriented our talks were. This extensive turnkey project comprises 9 polyol storage tanks, 2 TDI tanks for isocyanate, 1 mixing vessel incl. big bag station and dispersing machine. Completion is already scheduled for July this year. Our project management and construction department are already working at full speed on this challenging project. We would like to thank Strandfoam for their confidence in us and are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

  • We are in! - Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award 2022

    The Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award has been presented every year since 2010 following the Foreign Trade Day by the Lower Saxony Minister of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization. Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies from Lower Saxony that are active abroad are honored for their export successes. KEIL Anlagenbau has successfully expanded its export business even under corona conditions and found the right ways and strategies to master international challenges and open up new markets.

    We are also implementing many exciting projects worldwide in 2022 and are developing rapidly in the areas of sustainability and digitalization. That's why we applied for the Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award this year and are now keeping our fingers crossed together for selection.

  • Now thinking about tomorrow - company pension plan at KEIL

    In order to be able to enjoy the time after employment, a solid pension plan is important. KEIL Anlagenbau subsidizes individual company pension plans up to 50%. Our employees are important to us. Not only during their professional activity, but also during their well-deserved retirement. That is why we at KEIL Anlagenbau are already thinking about tomorrow.

    Our company pension plan is available to all employees, from trainees to managers. As a TOP employer, we subsidize the company pension not with the statutory 15 percent, but with up to 50 percent! Together we are able to compensate any pension gaps that may arise.

  • Vaccination campaign and booster at Keil Anlagenbau

    Already in May 2021, all employees had the opportunity to be vaccinated at Keil Anlagenbau. Unfortunately, the coronavirus continues to determine the way we work together. The health of our employees is particularly close to our hearts.

    Therefore, in cooperation with our company doctor, Mr. Heinrich Macke from the Macke und Melches practice in Hunteburg, we are offering further booster vaccinations in December 2021 and January 2022. In the current infection situation, boosting is an important opportunity for more safety. Due to the readiness for vaccination, we have achieved a nearly 100 percent vaccination rate in our company. We are happy and say thank you for so much team spirit and consideration. "

  • Fire protection is a top priority for us

    As an ambitious and caring organisation, the topic of fire protection is particularly important for KEIL Anlagenbau not only with regard to its customers but also internally, a great deal of emphasis is placed on keeping the fire safety regulations and standards up-to-date.

    For this reason, responsible persons for fire protection and evacuation procedures are continuously educated in-house. The employees are trained in theoretical knowledge as well as in practical learning.

    We thank all our employees for continuous improvement in this important process.

  • From Old to New

    The company hubergroup Deutschland GmbH, a specialist for printing inks, printing auxiliaries and raw material, who is also a long-standing customer of KEIL Anlagenbau, was just about to start a transfer of the production machines for black printing ink from Munich to Celle.

    KEIL accepted this challenge. The essential components of the printing equipment for black ink were decommissioned in Munich and reassembled by KEIL on-site in Celle. KEIL team has faced various challenges, e.g. to accomplish an optimal design of equipment layout while taking into account technical factors, such as equipment condition and the space limitations on-site.

    The task included the entire handling of fluids and solids from the raw material supply right to the connection at the filling stations. Furthermore, the system was equipped with new sensors and a new switching gear, re-programmed and commissioned by KEIL automation team.

    “Despite all obstacles and challenges, we were able to complete the project successfully and we are already looking forward to continued cooperation with hubergroup Deutschland, said Jürgen Mönkedieck, planning and sales engineer at KEIL Anlagenbau.

  • Storage tanks for every application

    KEIL Anlagenbau has implemented a project which includes the installation of four storage tanks (100 m3 each) including piping and complete assembly for Heidelberg Cement AG, an internationally operating group producing construction materials for the building and construction sector. The storage tanks are filled with solvents and waste oils, which serve as fuel for a cement kiln. This is done in an environment and resource friendly manner compared to cost-intensive fossil fuels. The system complies with high requirements for explosion protection.

    The biggest challenge for KEIL was the required use of various storage media with different chemical composition. Therefore, special focus was given to finding the right technical solution to increase corrosion resistance. Additionally, high precision monitoring cycles were developed in cooperation with the German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt).

    The tank trucks deliver the materials which are pumped into storage tanks using the gas displacement technique. The gases, which are displaced from the tanks during the filling process, are then safely returned to the tank trucks. Pumps and pipelines are used to transfer the stored media to the cement kiln. Parts of the storage tanks and pipelines are heated (up to the range from -15°C to 90°C).


  • Keil Anlagenbau is entering a new cooperation

    Keil Anlagenbau is entering a new cooperation with the company Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH in the field of maintenance and service of flame arresters.

    Our customers in the key business sectors polyurethanes, coating & colours and construction chemistry & adhesives are reliant on the functional capability of PROTEGO® armatures.

    We expect this cooperation will lead to an enhanced support of our customers when it comes to flame arresting devices.
    With this additional service Maik Mannel and Danny Leichsenring will be able to ensure a more efficient after sales service by the company Keil Anlagenbau.

    The company Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH is an international armature business with more than 600 employees at several different locations worldwide. Armatures and devices for processing technique, mineral oil and chemical industry are manufactured and sold under the internationally well-known and protected brand name PROTEGO®.


  • Foaming directly on-site

    By means of the new double-walled Polyol storage tanks, the company Isoplus Fernwärmetechnik GmbH is able to insulate its pipes by using foam sleeves directly on-site. KEIL Anlagenbau constructs an equipment for the storage of Polyol with a storage capacity of 30 m³.

    The KEIL sales engineer, Manfred Witte, explains: “In order to achieve an optimum production process, the storage tank requires multiple equipment elements: from the different measuring equipment via the appropriate ventilation and aeration system down to the pump stations. Approved technologies from long years of experience by the company KEIL Anlagenbau in the field of storage of Polyols and Isocyanates.“

    The Isoplus employees will be able to read and control the present operational status easily at the switch cabinet. After the Polyol has been mixed with the blowing agent in the dosing station, it will be filled in drums and to be made available for the application on the construction site.

    KEIL assumes the responsibility for the delivery and installation of the entire facility and provides the company Isoplus thus with the convenience of an “all-around carefree“ project implementation.   

  • Flexible - thanks to fully automatic storage tanks

    KEIL Anlagenbau is expanding the existing tank equipment for IKO Insulations, a Dutch manufacturer of innovative insulation products of Polyurethane. The three new container systems are integrated into the existing tank farm, set up by KEIL Anlagenbau as early as 2005.

    The project is running in compliance with the KIWA directives, which contain all certifications applying for the Netherlands. “Our customers can rely on the fact that we take into consideration and include all safety-relevant aspects subject to approval right from the start and consequently implement the project efficiently, “ explains Ulrich Herkenhoff, the sales manager.

    In particular, we are dealing with the delivery and installation of a storage tank each for Polyol, Octoate and Pentane. The storage media are added to the production process fully automatically, as soon as they have been requested. The larger storage volume and modern tank equipment technique by KEIL Anlagenbau enhance the customers’ flexibility considerably.

  • Strengthening of Internal Quality Assurance

    One of the highest requirements in terms of quality, expected of the company KEIL to fulfill, is not only to manufacture high-end products but also to guarantee that the company meets the specified demands. For this reason, Daniel Dombrowski with the company KEIL has been appointed as a welding supervisor with his competency as an International Welding Inspector (IWI) to support the in-house production control with immediate effect.

    Thanks to this internationally approved additional qualification, he will combine his know-how in technical welding applications with his comprehensive knowledge in the most important processes of the non-destructive testing (NDT). This will enable him to inspect and test the quality of the welding results in the most various welding processes in a professional and correct manner, being legally safeguarded.

    The training requirements for an IWI in an overview:

    ·         Welding processes, materials, construction and design, manufacture and application technology

    ·         Knowledge of all NDT processes in welding technology applied

    ·         Training for the testing of welding seams in theory and practice in accordance with the specifications of ISO 9712 in processes VT, PT, magnetic pulse and radiographic testing2. incl. film interpretation

    ·         Quality assuarance and quality control with main focus on in-house production control (FPC)

     Congratulations to Daniel Dombrowski!



  • New Storage and Logistics Concept at KEIL Anlagenbau

    KEIL Anlagenbau creates efficiency not only in production processes of its customers, but also KEIL- “internally “. By means of restructurings in a manufacturing process, storage areas and manufacturing sites have now been separated from each other. The part of the hall that has become available will be used for the end installation during which the functional assembly units such as pump stations are installed and tested mechanically and electrically. This way the end installation staff will be free from noise exposure and dust, caused by the mechanical processing.

    The transfer to the new warehouse facility and the hall for cutting to size is a contributing factor regarding quality assurance. The incoming goods inspection for large components as well as pipe and profile material takes place here. Stainless and black steels are separated from each other, cut to size and commissioned at two saws. The semi-finished products are added by means of a new swing crane for each saw. Moreover, the electrical engineers are glad to be able to use a new heavy loading shelf, carrying an assorted cable drum store.

    KEIL Anlagenbau is proceeding expeditiously when new material is required digitally. The supervising technicians are equipped with a tablet computer. Unexpected and necessary material can be requested directly by the technician on-site by means of an app, developed especially for this purpose (programmed by the IT trainee, Louis Surmann). The material can be commissioned immediately by the warehouse staff and/or ordered by the purchasing department.

    By taking these steps, KEIL Anlagenbau makes sure to follow the guideline of a permanent improvement process. KEIL keeps looking for new ways to improve the product and the service as well as to achieve better results for its customers, business partners, employees and the environment.

  • Fast, faster, KEIL: Supply equipment for process energy at JSP

    KEIL Anlagenbau has delivered a supply system for process energy to JSP, a global company and supplier in the field of automotive industry, construction industry, air-conditioning sector and the packaging industry with various expanded Polymer solutions. JSP is using the equipment as a component of a test facility in Düsseldorf for the manufacture of plastic form parts. The entire project took only about 16 weeks from the order placement to the commissioning – and this was during Christmas and New Year!

    The KEIL equipment supplies a hydraulic form-part foaming equipment with steam, cooling water and compressed air. The steam generator with the capacity of one ton per hour has been placed in a sea container in an outdoor area. The steam is cached in a steam accumulator with 10 m³ contents and it supplies the foaming unit press if required. In addition, this is fed with cooling water, generated by means of a cooling equipment (300 kW) and a table-top cooler. The compressed air is generated by means of a screw compressor with associated peripherals and storage devices.

  • Efficiency by means of automated welding

    KEIL Anlagenbau works continuously to improve the internal production processes and to make their design more efficient. Especially during welding, one of the core competencies featured by KEIL Anlagenbau, the hot work procedures can be optimized by means of automated processes.

    With this example we can demonstrate the manufacture of double-shell pipes. The pipeline system consists in this particular case of more than a hundred double-shell pipes, spread out on several skids. By means of a specially developed welding method at rotating work pieces in the combination with orbital welding, the KEIL Anlagenbau engineers have perfected the production process. In addition, the use of individually manufactured templates and further auxiliary means lead to considerable time savings. Also, the implementation of laser technology in cutting of welded contacts has a positive effect on the production quality.

  • Professional Development

    Water is one of our most important natural resources – and this is the reason why the waters in Germany are especially under environmental protection. It has been laid down in the German Water Resources Act (WHG) how the legal requirements for the management and control of waters should be

    KEIL Anlagenbau takes its responsibility seriously in the field of environmental protection. Specifically in the equipment and facilities for the storage of water-hazardous fluids, the Water Resources Act (WHG) plays a decisive role. Consquently, the KEIL staffers participated in an internal training course focused on this topic. “We come across the requirements and guidelines from the Water Resources Act almost everywhere while we are dealing with our customers“, explained Maik Mannel, sales representative from the department of Service and After Sales. “We will be able to implement our equipment and provide our customers with expert advice only if we are familiar with the relevant legal requirements.“

    A special thank-you is due to Mr. Ellermann with the German Technical Inspection Authority, TÜV Nord, who covered the topic in a very open and easy-going manner.

    Should you have any questions or inquiries relating to the theme of the Water Resources Act (WHG), please call us. We would be pleased to assist you during an approval process within the legally specified inspection and testing of your equipment.

  • Mother-daughter station with extra strong stationary quality

    The company ProMinent GmbH operates worldwide as an equipment supplier for water treatment as well as manufacturer of components and systems in the entire range of the fluid dosing technology. KEIL Anlagenbau has developed and implemented a basic mother-daughter station for ProMinent, to be applied for a project in the USA, consisting of a tank container with tank contents display, collecting basin and the corresponding steel framework.

    All equipment components of the discharge station have been designed by  KEIL Anlagenbau in such a way that they can withstand earthquakes and especially severe winds that are expected to occur at the planned site in Texas, USA. The corresponding structural calculations form the basis of the construction. Establishing this structure, KEIL Anlagenbau has added some more reinforcement and manufactured all components from stainless steel 316L and 304L, in line with the  North American market requirements, – including accompanying material documentation.

  • Safe equipment for hydrochloric acid tank

    KEIL Anlagenbau has extended an existing storage tank farm for its customer LANFER by adding a storage tank with corresponding periphery. LANFER is one of the leading logistics service providers for transport, transshipment, service and storage for the chemical and food industries – also for hydrochloric acid among other products.


    This means that the equipment including all used materials – both pipelines and the entire equipment for the pump stations for loading and unloading – had to be hydrochloric-acid proof accordingly. For this reason, the use of special plastic was required.

    The project focused on the modification of the safety features and monitoring tools regarding the medium: consequently, e.g. extremely accurate filling level indicators as well as an over- and under pressure safety device was integrated – especially taking into consideration that the tank farm is located directly along a channel.

    KEIL Anlagenbau carried out the installation work in parallel with further construction work within the tank farm, and in autumnal and wintry weather conditions – yet excellent coordination and warm and waterproof clothing make everything possible!

    Now, LANFER is able to fill the storage container with the hydrochloric acid from the tank trucks by means of the corresponding pump and pipeline equipment in a safe manner and without danger. Subsequently, the tank trucks can be filled with hydrochloric acid via pumps and pipelines for a new delivery if required.

  • Smooth production flow thanks to new double-discharge station

    KEIL Anlagenbau has now manufactured two IBC double stations for Polymix, ordered by the world’s leading specialist company of components in vehicle interiors, Fehrer Automotive. They are already operating at the production site in Alabama, USA – owing to the approval and authorization for this market, KEIL Anlagenbau was able to conceptualize and implement this project according to the prevailing directives and standards.

    Both stations have been designed to hold two transport containers á 1.000 liters each. The transport containers have been positioned onto a steel construction with an integrated collecting basin with a slight slope – for a particularly efficient discharge process. Screw pumps convey the product from the containers to the destination point. As soon as the first container is empty, the station switches automatically to the other container.

    To keep the Polyols homogenous, an agitator with a supporting column has been installed in each container. This supporting column allows the foldable impeller to be lowered into the container. A frequency converter controls the speed of the agitator.

    The entire discharge station is controlled via an internal switch cabinet according to the UL standards. The discharge pump, both agitators and the sensors run synchronous, and they are operated with ease by means of the installed control unit.

  • Two high-performance discharge stations

    KEIL Anlagenbau has implemented two parallel projects for TROX, the German global market leader of systems for ventilation and air-conditioning of rooms, in order to explore efficient application of media in the production.

    The container discharge station, developed by KEIL Anlagenbau, is equipped by the customer with a plastic container (IBC), containing the medium required for the production. After the container has been put in place, the integrated agitator can be lowered into the IBC by means of a cross beam, allowing optimal operating availability. The medium can be fed directly into the production line.

    Moreover, TROX uses a drum-discharge station by KEIL Anlagenbau. The advantage of this system is the possibility for the customer to add various components to it. This specific station features a suction lance. The lance is inserted into the drum and installed tightly. By means of an integrated pump, the required medium can be flexibly added to the production by the customer at the corresponding connections of the station.

  • More capacity thanks to the new storage tank for Isocyanate

    KEIL Anlagenbau has set up a new storage tank with a volume of 68 m³ for the company NORBORD Ltd., a producer of wood-based materials in the UK. The entire tank equipment as well as the pipeline system have also been delivered by KEIL Anlagenbau.

    The specific requirement is how to discharge Isocyanate safely from the tank trucks via a filling pump unit into the storage tank and to convey it to the production hall by means of another pump station. In addition to this, a circular line with electrical trace heating is part of the equipment pumping Isocyanate in a circulatory system, as long as the raw material is not required for the process. An operating panel, switch cabinet and process control also belong to the scope the delivery by KEIL Anlagenbau, and these have been put into operation.

    The facility was entirely developed and erected in compliance with the requirement to place the new storage tank in an existing hall between tanks that are already standing there. The tank had to be installed through the hall roof – quite an extraordinary challenge considering the size of the tank! KEIL Anlagenbau finished the mission with success: In the meantime, NORDBORD has been able to expand its capacities by means of the new MDI storage facility and to enhance its production line.

  • KEIL Anlagenbau ranked with the bronze medal by Henkel

    Within the framework for performance rating, carried out by the company EcoVadis SAS, KEIL Anlagenbau was awarded the bronze medal. KEIL Anlagenbau has been able to achieve success in almost all applicable aspects in terms of the evaluation guidelines by Henkel regarding the areas of focus such as environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. With the reached score of 51/100, KEIL Anlagenbau belongs to the best 50 percent of the companies rated by EcoVadis SAS and commissioned by Henkel. This award motivates us to continue improving ourselves in the future!


  • Mother-Daughter Stations for Supply of Dissolver

    The Soprema Group is looking back on more than 100 years of experience in the field of high-quality sealing systems. The sealing systems and insulating materials are produced in 67 plants in Europe and North America. A fully automated dosing concept for a dissolver has been developed for the plant in Oberrossbach by KEIL Anlagenbau, and this is being manufactured for the time being.

    In this process, five mother-daughter stations (MTS) are used as a raw material model according to the request by the customer. These are construed in such a way that the IBCs are placed onto a steel frame above a storage tank by means of a forklift. The IBCs are connected at the containers with a hose, and the media are transported from the MTS to the dissolver by means of pump stations.

    In cooperation with other suppliers, it will be possible to unload and bring in the equipment altogether. The handling system with a tube chain conveyor is implemented next to MTS for the dosing of liquid components. KEIL Anlagenbau has developed the recipe management in such a way that the customer will be able to use a multitude of different media in ever changing recipes.

    The equipment will be constructed according to the ATEX directives for the zones 1 and 2 for gaseous material and vapors as well as zone 20 for dusts. In addition, the requirements of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality will be met.

    We would like to express our thanks for the excellent cooperation and are looking forward to being able to hand over the equipment to the operator in the near future.

  • Pipeline construction is a central aspect with biogas plants

    Biogas plants have been continuing to grow in importance for several years in terms of the generation of renewable energy, and they represent a widespread possibility for the production of biological methane. Thermal energy is required for the fermentation the biomass; this is supplied by means of pipelines. A variety of media pipelines convey raw material and products to the corresponding users, and this is where the company Keil Anlagenbau has been able to step in and offer its assistance and support with its longstanding experience in the field.


    We are very pleased to have received three orders from the company BioConstruct GmbH, a company for planning and installation of projects regarding renewable energy with its registered office in Melle, Germany, to install the entire piping system of three biogas plants in England with the total capacity of 1,5 MW. The facilities will function i.a. as methane gas feed-in plants and supply the total of 3.000 m³ methane in the general gas network. The business relationship with the company in Melle has continued for 10 years. At the beginning, this cooperation was limited to the switch cabinets that were to be integrated into the plants, but now the company Keil Anlagenbau also supplies the entire mechanical part including piping.

    The installation started with heating pipes at the inner walls of the fermenter with a diameter of 21 m and a height of 9 m. The next step was to install the supply lines connecting all fermenters with each other, establishing a complex pipeline system. Last, the gas pipes were connected, to supply the gas network and the block heating stations with methane.

    The great amount of welding work was a special challenge for the company Keil Anlagenbau because it was required for such an extensive project and it had to take place under adverse weather conditions, partly during heavy rainfall. Of course, in such a situation, a tent was provided for, so the welding work could be carried out in the open air. 

    The special aspect of the projects can be found in the piping plans that were prepared by the company BioConstruct GmbH and prefabricated in our workshop in Bohmte-Hunteburg, Germany. During the planning stage, pipelines with diameters of DN 50 up to DN 300 made of various materials from stainless steel, plastics to black steel were considered.

    The close proximity of both companies in the Osnabrück administrative district allows for short-term meetings, and/or inquiries that can be discussed personally on short notice in case of urgency.

  • Wax is best dosed hot

    KEIL Anlagenbau has successfully installed its GRAVITUBE® dosing system for a leading manufacturer of reaction resin systems.

    Melted wax is used in the manufacture process of the production of coatings of industrial floors and waterproofing of buildings.KEIL Anlagenbau has designed, constructed and commissioned a wax smelter equipment for this application featuring three different wax components.

    The equipment for the production of melted wax is fully automatic and it is heated by means of hot water. The GRAVITUBE® dosing system is supplied with liquid wax from each melting vessel. The GRAVITUBE® dosing system allows precise dosing into an inline dispersing process without the application of mass flow measurement or weighing technique.

    The dosing system has been successfully integrated into the customer‘s recipe control, and it manages the dosing processes of individual waxes in the production lines independently.

    The entire pipeline system, starting from the smelter and moving on via the GRAVITUBE® measurement devices to the mixing facilities, is temperate. This application shows how the GRAVITUVBE® system is able to transform a manual addition into a trendsetting dosing technology in the production processes individually.

  • Training for Prepolymer Equipment at the Premises of Pleiger Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG

    With more than 60 years’s experience in the production of plastics, the company Pleiger Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading producers of polyurethanes and thermoplastics.

    PLEIGER combines the innovative strength of a German high-tech manufacturer with the pragmatism of a tradition-conscious family business with future-oriented strategies and a training center of its own.The PLEIGER Group with over 600 employees all over the world stands for stability and sustainable growth.

    In fair cooperation, Keil Anlagenbau provided the company Pleiger Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG in Witten with training about how to handle a prepolymer equipment. The equipment for the production of Vulkollan®, based on Desmodur®15, began with a tank equipment in 2000, installed by KEIL Anlagenbau, and it has continuously been further developed in the course of the years. The present equipment farm consists of units for material preparation, dosing and reactors as well, next to the storage farm systems for polyester polyol.

    The focus of the training sessions was set on all details of the process technique and automation. Employees from the technical department and production with PLEIGER, including employees with KEIL Anlagenbau refreshed their knowledge and followed the presentations by Volker Gausmann, head of the automation department, and Kai Schäfer, head of the planning and sales with KEIL Anlagenbau.

    The social part of the event was not neglected during the lunch taken together, and a number of very interesting talks and conversations took place.

    After a demanding and informative day, all participants agreed on a very successful training day.

    We would like to thank the company Pleiger Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG for the warm welcome on site in Witten, and look forward to pleasant and continuing working relationship.  


  • Thank you for visiting our stand at the K Fair Trade in Düsseldorf.

    We would like to thank you very much for taking the time to visit our booth at the K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Dosing 4.0 – with GRAVITUBE®
    We showed our unique dosing system to you in Düsseldorf.

    We demonstrated our patented GRAVITUBE® process technique to you for a density- and temperature-dependent batch dosing system for liquid media during the trade fair.
    To show how the new technique works, we illustrated and demonstrated the advantages to you by means of our model at the fair.

    The new efficiency in PUR recycling

    Economical. Efficient. Environmentally Friendly.

    Our individually conceptual design for PUR and PET recycling equipment offers key benefits in terms of economical and ecological advantages compared to traditional disposal methods, leading valuable polyols back into the production cycle.

    We look forward to further talks and projects with you.

    Our competent staff members will be pleased to assist and help you with all other questions and inquiries around such themes like:

    -          Tank equipment

    -          Discharge stations

    -          Product handling

    -          Process automation

    -          Planning and engineering

    We are looking forward to further talks and challenging projects together with you in the future.

  • 3D Laser scanning for equipment planning

    KEIL Anlagenbau is increasingly opting for 3D laser scanning technology for equipment planning in its customer portfolio.

    By means of the exact recording of the technical circumstances in the planned installation room, Keil Anlagenbau has the capability to design the stations optimally, and to plan the connecting pipelines alongside all obstacles.

    As these pipelines are prefabricated in the Keil workshop, the installation time on-site can be reduced which helps the customer to keep the downtimes of the production facility as short as possible.

  • Isocyanate Storage Tank Farm in Double Pack

    KEIL Anlagenbau has just received two orders to process simultaneously regarding new MDI storage tank farms. Independently of each other, Belgian and British manufacturers of parquet floors and wood-fibre boards have placed each an order on new tank equipment.

    Protection of the environment, safety and product quality
    are expected by the companies that process isocyanates (MDI); the equipment simply must feature these characteristics. An indispensable characteristic and indisputable requirement that KEIL fulfills in every respect. Starting with the safe and riskless discharge from the tanker vehicle by means of gas-displacement technique, followed by storage under the protective atmosphere including constant and nonvarying temperature up to the application. All these are aspects that are implemented in equipment systems by KEIL Anlagenbau.

    The conformity of the equipment corresponds to the ISOPA directive published by the European association of manufacturers of diisocyanates and polyols is and has always been a matter of course for KEIL Anlagenbau.

    KEIL Anlagenbau would like to thank its international customers for their confidence, and it is looking forward to continuous cooperation.