Vision & Mission


Appreciation of staff members

  • We make sure that we all have a safe work environment.
  • We give our staff members a chance to develop themselves and we create new career opportunities for our staff.
  • We recognize and reward the efforts of our staff members.
  • We always respect other perspectives and viewpoints.


Openness and Honesty

  • We are open and honest with all, even when it sometimes is hard to say.


One Team

  • We work as a team across geographic, cultural and business borders, in order to achieve the best results for our customers and partners.


Permanent Improvement

  • We are always looking for ways to enhance and improve our service and to achieve better results for our customers and our partners, for our staff members and for our environment.
  • We learn from past successes and we analyze our mistakes to grow professionally.


We Deliver

  • We especially commit ourselves to keeping our promises to our customers and to everyone else.

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