Dose even the smallest quantities quickly and precisely – with Gravitube.

Gravitube is a world debut product developed by Keil in the field of dosing systems. Gravitube effortlessly doses even the smallest amounts – and much more precisely than many other dosing systems. The calibration phase is not necessary with this system. The product mix is available immediately at the start of production, which means that valuable time is saved in the process and efficiency is increased. Gravitube is extremely durable thanks to its robust design and best suited to the raw environment of industrial production facilities.

Gravitube ensures efficiency in your dosing process.

The system can be easily integrated into fully automatic dosing processes. It is even possible to set up pressurised systems. It is also very easy to configure for specific intended purposes, such as with heated systems, internal coatings or special materials. Since there are no mechanical measuring systems used in the Gravitube, the system is particularly low-maintenance, low-wear and economical.

Plus points of the Gravitube:

  • Highly precise dosing
  • High reproducibility
  • Suitable for dosing even the smallest quantities
  • No perturbation as a result of tare weights or gas bubbles in the product
  • Free from density changes to the medium as a result of temperature deviations

If you would like to learn more about Gravitube, our employees are there for you. Get in touch!

Brochure Gravitube

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