Data Protection

Data Protection

Data protection provisions for customers, visitors browsing our website and others involved

How does the company Keil Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG (hereinafter "Keil") handle its data what rights do you have? Information acc. to articles 13,14 and 21 DSGVO

We wish to inform you about our method of processing your data according to the provision "Art. 4 Nr. 1 DSGVO" (in Germany) by Keil and about your rights and what your are entitled to claim according to the data protection law.

The data invdiviually processed by Keil depends primarily on the quotations and/or services we provide for you online or offline, or on the products you purchase from us.

For this reason, all of the inormation we provide you with may not be relevant for you.

1. Wo is responsible for data processing and who can I contact?

The responsible authority is

Keil Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG

Zum Welplager Moor 8

49163 Bohmte-Hunteburg


Phone.: +49 5475 9200-0

E-Mail: datenschutz(at)


You can contact our data protection officer at:

Comprovide GmbH

Stahlwerksweg 10b

49084 Osnabrück


Phone.: +49 541 506 160

E-Mail: datenschutz(at)


2. What are the sources and data used by Keil?

We process personal data that we receive from you in connection with the business relation with you or by means of accessing our website. In addition, we process personal data we have received from thied persons with their consent or from sources accessible to the public such as those in the commercial register or debtors' register and that we are allowed to process.

Relevant personal data are your personal information such as name, address and birth date, identification data such as ID card, passport, data received by fulfilling our contractual duties (e.g. sales data), publicity and promotion data as well as data sourced from your access to our website, (e.g. date and time of visiting our website, pages viewed as well as others with the named categories comparable data).

3. For what reason does Keil process its data (purpose of process) and on what legal base?

We process personal data to fulfill our contractual duties toward you. Furthermore, we process these data to fulfill our verification and documentation obligations, arising from commercial and tax law as an example. All processing of data is done on the basis of DSGVO and BDSG (German regulations).

3.1 Use to fulfill our contractual duties

Legal basis is in this case art. 6 para 1 lit. b DSGVO

We process personal data provide you with the performance we ow to you according to our mutual contract, to execute an order and to secure all required activities related to the business and its administration. The purpose of the data processing focuses primarily on the service that you have been provided with.

3.2 Use to balance the interests

Legal basis is in this case art. 6 para 1 lit. f DSGVO

If required, we will process your data beyond the fulfillment of our obligations stated in the contract if we or a third person have a legitimate interest in it. For example:

Testing and optimazation of processes for the requirement analysis for the purpose of direct customer contact

For promotion and opinion research if you agree with the use

To satisfy legal claims and for the defense at legal disputes

Guarantee of IT operation and of IT safety with Keil

Prevention and investigation of crimes

Measures for construction and installation safety (e.g. admission control) and for the guarantee of domiciliary rights

Measures for business management and further development of products and services

Measures for risk management

3.3 Use in compliance with legal requirements or for the public benefit

Legal basis is in this case art. 6 para 1 lit. c DSGVO

For Keil, the usual provisions according to tax and commerce laws shall apply, and it is obligated to store data to fulfill our control, registration and documentation rquirements.

3.4 Use on the basis of your consent

Legal basis is in this case art. 6 para 1 lit. a DSGVO

In case you have consented to the processing of personal data by Keil for definite purposes (e.g. marketing purposes, pictures in the course of events or sending newsletters or submitting your application), this process has been lawfully done of the basis of your consent. You can always cancel your consent. The concellation won't be effective until in the future.

4. Who will receive your data?

Within the company Keil, those employees requiring these to complete their tasks and to fulfill their responsibilities will receive your data. Also, our internal processors (art. 28 DSGVO) shall receive data. This can be, for example, an IT or a telecommunications provider or a print service provider if you place an order on a catalogue or receive one. 

Keil may possibly forward your data to public authorities and institutions if this is required due to a statutory or regulatory obligation, e.g. to courts or fiscal authorities.

Finally, Keil shall forward your data to payment service providers and transport companies, in case we depend on them for their cooperation while fulfilling our contractual duties, (delivery of products to you).

Keil uses payment service providers with their seat in another country outside of the EU. The transfer of personal data is carried out only in the scope of necessity required for fulfilling the contractual duties.

5. Storage period

We process your data als long as it will be required for the fulfillment of our mutual contractual duties. This can take 5 years. If the data are not required for the fulfillment of contractual or legal responsibilities, they will be regulary deleted.

Apllicant's personal data will be deleted after 8 month.

Furthermore, we are bound to safekeeping and documentation obligations as stipulated by the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the German Tax Code (AO) and required to store data between 2 and 20 years. However, these data have only a limited access as they are archived.

6. Data transfer into a Third Country

Data shall not be transferred into a third country, i.e. a country outside of the EU or the in countries outside of the European economic area if this is required for contractual fulfillment.

7. Your rights acc. to DSGVO

Each involved person has the right to receive informations acc. to art. 13 DSGVO, to have data corrected acc. to art. 16 DSGVO, to have data deleted acc. to art 17 DSGVO, the right of limitation of processing acc. to art. 18 DSGVO.

For the right of access and deletion right, the limitations acc. to §§ 34 and 35 BSDG shall apply.

Furthermore, you have the right of an appeal and you can direct your complaint to the data protection supervisory authority acc. to art. 77 DSGVO in connection with § 19 BDSG.

8. Obligation to provide your personal data

In connection with your business dealings with Keil, you shall only have provide such data that is required for to set up, carry out and end a business relation, or data Keil is obligated to collect. If your data is not provided for Keil, a contract with Keil cannot be fulfilled or Keil may decline any further performance of an order, or to cease to fulfill an existing contract or to end one.

According to the anti-money laundering provisions, we may possibly be obligated to identify you by means of a personal document and to store your name, your place and date of birth, your nationality and your address accordingly. To satisfy these obligations, you will have to provide these data for us. If you refuse to comply with these requirements, Keil shall not be allowed to set up a business relation with you.

9. Automated decision in individual cases acc. to art. 22 DSGVO

Keil does not make any automated decisions acc. to art. 22 DSGVO

10. Scoring

Keil does not perform any scoring.

Information regarding right of objection acc. to art. 21 clause DSGVO

Case-by-case right of objection

You have always the right to file an objection for reasons emerging out of your special situation, against the processing of your personal data we are processing due to the balance of inerests acc. to art. 6 Abs. 1 DSGVO. In this case, Keil shall no longer process these data, if we do not provide any compelling legitimate grounds for the processing overweighing your interests, rights and freedom, or if the processing serves establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Information regarding right of objection acc. to art. 21 clause 2 DSGVO

Right of objection against data processing for purposes of direct advertising.

Keil processes your data for purposes of direct advertising in individual cases. You have the right to object to the processing of any personal data concerning yourself for the purpose of such advertising. If you file such an objection, Keil shall no longer use your personal data for this purpose.

The objection can be mailed to datenschutz(at) or to the above address. Please indicate youer objections with the wording "Objection", as this will facilitate the allocation.

Special data protection instructions for the use of online contents (website)

The following instructions apply additionally fote)r the above information, if you use the online offers in our website and possibly use further telecommunications services.

1. Scope of processing of personal data

Keil processes users' personal data beyond the above mentioned cases of point 3 and its subsections only, if this is required for the provision of a functional website, for its contens and for our services.

2. Provision of website and creation of log files

Whenever our Internet pages called up, our system will automate data and information from the computer system of the calling computer.

The following data are collected:

(1) Your systems software

(2) Your Internet service provider

(3) Your IP address

(4) Date and time of access

(5) Websites that your system accesses our Internet page from

(6) Websites that are calles from your system via our website

The data are also stored in the log files of our system. These data are not stored along with any other personal data received from you. 

The intermediate storage of the IP address by the system is required to allow a delivery of the website ot the user's computer. In this case, the user's IP address must be stored for the duration of the session.

The data are stored in log files to secure the functionality of the website. In addition, the data are useful for optimizing of the website, and to ensure the safety of our systems in terms of information technology. The datea shall not be evaluated for any marketing purposes in this connection. Besides, the data will be evaluated for statistical purposes. Our legitimate interest in data processing consists of these two purposes. The legal basis for the intermediate storage of data and the log files is art. 6 clause 1 lit. f DSGVO.

3. Use of so called cookies

Cookies are used on our website. Cookies refer to next data that are stored in the Internet browser or from Internet browser in your computer system. If you call up a website, a cookie can be stored in your terminal. This cookie contains a characteristic string of characters allowing a distinct identification of the browser when the websie is called up again.

We use cookies to create our website more user-friendly. A few elements of our internet page require browser calling up can be identified even after a change of pages.

The following data are stored and transmitted in the cookies:

(1) Language setting

(2) Zip code

(3) Log-in information

In addition, we use cookies on our website that helps us to analyze your surfing behavior.

So, the following data can be transmitted:

(1) Search terms that have been entered

(2) Frequency of page views

(3) Use of website functions

The data collected from you in this way are pseudonymized by means of technical precautions. An allocation of the data to you is no longer possible. The data shall not be store together with other personal data from you.

The reason for the use of technically necessary cookies is to faciliate the use of websites. Some of the functions of our Internet page cannot be offered without the use of cookies; it is required that the browser is identified even after a change of page.

 We require cookies for the following uses:

(1) Takeover of language settings

(2) Registration of search terms

The user data collected by means of technically required cookies shall not be used to create user profiles.

The analysis cookies are used for the purpose of enhancing the quality of our website and its contents. By means of the analysis cookies we will know how our website is used, and we will be able to improve our offering.

Our legitimate interest in personal data processing consists of these two purposes.

The legal base for the intermediate storage of data and the log files is art. 6 clause 1 lit. f DSGVO.

4. Storage duration

The data shall be deleted as soon as they are no longer required to the purpose of your collection. This will be the case when data are collected data to provide your website and the session in question has been ended.

In case of the storage of the data in log files, this will happen after seven days at the latest. However, further storage is possible. In this case, the user's IP address are deleted or masked so that they cannot be allocated to the client as calling party.

Cookies are stored in your local computer and transmitted from there to Keil. As a user, you will have full control of the use of the cookies. By means of a change of settings in your Internet browser, you can deactivate or limit the transmission of the cookies. You can always delete those cookies that have already been stored.

5. Email advertising without registering for the newsletter

When we receive your email address in connection with the sale of a merchandise and you have not objected, we will reserve the right to send email quotations of products in our selection to you regularly purchased. Theis serves as weighing up of interest leads reagarding legitimate interest in our promotional approach. You can always object to the use of your email address by sending a message to datenschutz(at) or send the link provided for you in the advertising mail free of charge for the transmission costs.

6. Contact form and email contact

There is a contact form on our Internt page that can be used for electronic contact. If you use this possibility, the data entered in the input mask are transmitted to us and stored. At the time of sending your message, your IP address and the date including the time will also be stored.

To be able to process your data, we will seek your prior consent per contact form in connection with the dispatching process and refer to this privacy statement.

Alternativily, contacting us by means of email addresses we have provided is also possible. In this case, the user's personal data transmitted in the email well be stored.

The legal basis for the processing of data is art. 6 clause 1 lit. a DSGVO if the user's consent has been filed.

To process personal data from the input mask is required only for the processing of the contact. In the case of contactin us by mail, required legitimate interest to process the data shall be present.

The other personal data processed during the dispatching process are used to prevent misue of the contacct form and to secure the safety of our systems in terms of information technology.

The legal basis for the processing of data transmitted along in an email, is art. 6 clause 1 lit. f DSGVO. If the purpose of the email contact to sign up a contract, an additional legal basis for the processing shall be art. 6 clause 1 lit. b DSGVO.

We store your messages to us by contact form or by mail automatically in our mail archives. We are required to do so for documentation and control reasons acc. to German Commercial Code (HGB) and German Tax Code (AO). The maximum storage duration in our mail archive system is 11 years.

7. Use of script and font libraries

To be able to present the contents of our website correctly and graphically in an appealing manner, we use script and font libraries by Google Webfonts ( ).These are transmitted to avoid multiple loading into the cache of your browsers. When script and font libraries are called up, a connection with Google automatically released. Theoretically, it is possible and not transparent at this point of time, whether or not, and also for what purpose it may happen that Google collects data about the use.

8. Use of Google Maps

(1) On this website, we also use the offering by Google Maps. This way we are able to show you interactive maps directly on the website allow the comforable use of the map function for you.

(2) By means of your visit to the website, Google receives the information that you have called up the corresponding subpage of our website.

Google stores the data collected about you as usage profiles and uses these for the purpose of advertising, market research and /or requirements-oriented design of its website. Each evaluation of this kind is done espescially (even for users that are not logged in) for representation of requirements-oriented advertising and to inform other users of the social network about their activities on our website. You have the right to file in your objection against the creation of these usage profiles by turning to the involved plug-in provider in order to exercise your right. By means of the use of the plug-ins, we offer you the possibility to interact with the social networks and other users in order to improve our offering and to develop it for you as a user. The legal basis for use of plug-ins is art. 6 clause 1 S. 1 lit. f DSGVO.

This shall apply regardless whether a user account is at Google's disposal via which you have logged in, or if a user account does not exist. If you are logged in with your Google account, your data shall be directly allocated to your account. If you do not wish an allocation with your profile with Google, you must log out prior to activating the button. Google stores your data as usage profiles and uses them for the purposes of advertising, market research and/or requirements-oriented design of its website. Each evaluation of this kind is done especially (even for those users not logged in) for the provision of advertising and to inform other users of the social network about their activities on our website. You have the right to file in your objection against the creation of these usage profiles by turning to the involved plug-in provider in order exercise your right.

(3) You will receive further information of  the purpose and scope of the data collection and their processing by the plug-in provider in the data protection declaration from Google. You will also receive more information regarding your rights in this connection and regarding and regarding the setting possibilities to protect your privacy: Google processes your personal data in the USA as well and has subjected to the EU-US Privacy Shield,

9. Postal advertising and your right of objection

We reserve the right to use your first and last name and your address for own advertising purposes such as e.g. to send our catalogue to you. This serves a weighing up of interest leads regarding legitimate interest in our promotional approach acc. to art. 6 clause 1 lit. f DSGVO. These advertising mails are carried out in connection with order processing by a service provider who we forward your data in this respect. We have an agreement with this service provider for order processing acc. to art. 28 DSGVO.

You can always object to the use of your personal data by sending a message to datenschutz(at) or by sending a message to the contact address stated above.



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