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Our products in the plant construction

Process engineering systems

Real artful engineering becomes very important in the construction of complex process engineering systems. We build your system made-to-measure, from planning through to execution.

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Tank farms

Overground and underground tank farms of all sizes and for all purposes have been a core area of our product portfolio for more than 40 years.


Gravitube is a world first product developed by Keil for precise, quick and efficient dosing of even the smallest dosage amounts, down to the gram.

Prepolymer Equipment

Keil Anlagenbau designs and erects highly efficient automated Prepolymer equipment for the production of cast elastomers and thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU).

Offloading stations

The quick, efficient and economical alternative to the tank farm: Our offloading stations enable you to solve your supply issues in a very efficient manner.

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Efficiency is also a question of the demand for raw materials. You regain polyol with PUR recycling systems from Keil Anlagenbau.

Automation and Switchgear construction

You can manage, check and visualise your production at the touch of a button using switchgear and automation systems from Keil – with both your own systems and those of third parties.

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