Prepolymer Equipment

Automatic production of Prepolymer.

Keil Anlagenbau designs and erects highly efficient automated Prepolymer equipment for the production of cast elastomers and thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU).

The equipment includes the storage, conditioning and dosing of required raw materials such as Polyol, Isocyanate and additives. Also, the equipment is designed for the conveyance and dosing of solid and fluid Isocyanates such as MDI, NDI, TODI and TDI.

Well designed. Fast. Economic.

Prepolymer equipment made by Keil Anlagenbau come with reaction containers and all required equipment components for an order specific production of Prepolymer charges. As a result, they allow the producer a maximum flexibility in the production. Furthermore, they form the complete production route from raw material and the manufacture of Prepolymer via the cast machine and temperating all the way up to the finished end product.

Additional advantages of our Prepolymer equipment:


  • Container cleaning by means of glycol cleaning systems
  • Equipment software and visualization for raw material and recipe management, order management and quality control
  • Individual equipment alignment according to the needs of the customer
  • More than 15 years specialized professional experience



Brochure Prepolymer Equipment