News about Keil Anlagenbau

At Keil Anlagenbau, we always find new ways to optimize production plants and increase the efficiency of our processes.  Here we will keep you up-to-date about our newest technical developments and news about us. If you would like to know more about a certain topic, just get in contact with us - we will gladly provide you with more information.

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    New heating systems for the gas supply in the Weser-Ems region

    The company Open Grid Europe GmbH with its head office in Essen, Germany, is the leading transmission system operator in Europe. Due to the changeover of the gas types from L- to H-gas, it was necessary to install new gas pressure regulating stations. Two of these stations are located in Hilter, in the administrative district of Osnabrück, and in...

    As the pressure reduction of natural gas generates cold, this process is countered by the heat exchanger. Keil Anlagenbau’s job was to manufacture, assemble, and to install a complete heating supply system for the process along with the room heating unit. This consists primarily of three boilers for the supply by means of a hydraulic separator, and of the heat output via regulated heating pumps supplying the gas heat exchangers in redundant mode. Needless to say, that the gas supply of the heating boilers made the Keil portfolio complete. The installation of the exhaust gas systems did not challenge the Keil team’s expertise in any way.

    Since the originally commissioned plumbing and heating company went into insolvency during the construction phase, the company Keil Anlagenbau was contacted to manufacture and install the facility and to complete the construction in Nordlohne.

    After having reviewed the task, the company Keil Anlagenbau turned out to be a competent contact for its customer. Both facilities were finished within five weeks in spite of the crucial timing from the implementation of the correct use to the commissioning process within the schedule and also on time.
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our installation team for the excellent work performance including our senior technician, Mr. Ingo Masbaum, quite especially with his farsightedness. The pre-manufacture in the workshop in Hunteburg allowed much of the optimization of all technical procedures so that the facility was handed over to the customer according to the schedule.

    By means of this outstanding performance, the company Keil Anlagenbau can recommend itself to the customers and it has already been entrusted with new tasks.

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    Further development of our GRAVITUBE© dosing system

    For 6 years now, our patented dosing system, GRAVITUBE, has been in daily use in our satisfied customers‘ operations. Our research and development department is continuously working at optimizations to augment the broad range of applications.

    As a result, some material-technical fundamentals as well as specific application-oriented questions in the field of interface physics were dealt with within the framework of one bachelor thesis in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences at Osnabrück during the academic year of 2017/2018. These basics and specifics are being tested and reviewed in their applicability in a present bachelor’s thesis. The first intermediate results are very promising.

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    Sustainable dealing with raw materials and more efficiency for the operator!

    KEIL Anlagenbau receives an order from the company Benecke-Kaliko AG to restructure the dispersion varnish production in Hannover.

    KEIL Anlagenbau assembles and installs its proved and tested Mother-/ Daughter system (MTS ) as supply of raw materials for matt and glossvarnished materials.  By means of these stations, Benecke-Kaliko AG can now dose its raw materials without being interrupted. Belonging to the assignment of tasks of entire processing raw materials from the IBCs, the use features the flow of goods already produced. This kind of use of resources, tells us Marc Vocke, one of the KEIL sales managers, allows our customers to use the applicable raw materials on a large scale. Observing high precision requirements in the recipe management and complying with its extensive quality requirements, Keil Anlagenbau creates the entire control technique and visualization system.

    This is how Keil Anlagenbau supports its customers with long-time knowhow in the storage and dosing technique.

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    Successfully passed first control audit of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SCC

    One year passes very quickly. It was only in April 2018, when Keil Anlagenbau was certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SCC. After having passed the certification with success, it was controlled in April 2019 for the audit of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SCC, so that we can continue our successful course.

    The audit program featured site visits and the control of technical areas and departments of the company among other things.

    The TÜV-Süd auditor was very much impressed by the KEIL service technicians, and amazed at how they set an example of conducting project-relevant hazard analyses in cooperation with the customer. The health, safety and environment policy as well as quality management of the company has become second nature of the employees. Also, the auditors gave KEIL credit for the well-equipped service vehicles.
    One of the other positive aspects was of course the documented, systematic evaluation of the sub-suppliers used by the purchasing department regarding the HSE factors.

    Further qualification of the personnel by means of trainee programs with respect to their service points in the company received much appreciation and earned the auditors’ great respect.

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    Official opening of a new factory by RECTICEL in Mäntsälä, Finland

    The goal to become the next generation‘s major exporter of insulating materials in northern Europe, the Baltic States and in Russia is getting closer for RECTICEL to reach due to a new, modern and fully operational factory in the South of Finland.

    KEIL Anlagenbau had been contracted to deliver the equipment technology for the supply and processing of Polyols, Isocyanates and Pentane to the new factory for this groundbreaking step.

    We would like to thank RECTICEL for having placed its order with us, and for the fruitful cooperation, and we wish the company RECTICEL continued success and all the best for the future.

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    KEIL Anlagenbau active in the field of environmental protection

    ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION is written in capital letters with us. Handling fluids hazardous for ground water is day to day running of the business for us, and we accept our responsibility in caring for the environment.

    he company Hans-Juergen Keil Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a certified specialized company according to WHG. We take environmental compatibility very seriously. We fulfill the requirements laid down by the appointed personnel in the company to more than 100 percent.

    Our responsible employees are continuously trained specifically regarding the Water Resource Act (WHG) of the Federal Government, and thus authorized to carry out the planning, erection, cleaning, maintenance and service of your equipment. Our active responsibility, and the monitoring contract with the German TÜV, authorizes us to be your reliable WHG partner.

    Link to our website:

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    Short-term commissioning of project

    KEIL Anlagenbau has been awarded with a short-term project featuring a heating supply system with three 455-kW heating boilers. The equipment will provide the heat for a gas metering and pressure-regulating station in the administrative district of Osnabrueck, Lower Saxony.

    “After the inquiry, it was just a matter of few days to start work “, says Marc Vocke, sales manager with KEIL Anlagenbau. “The supplier or service provider, to be commissioned by the customer in the first place, was not able to deliver on time. The company KEIL Anlagenbau had no problems with providing the customer with the equipment according to schedule and without delay!“

    With its takeover of the project, KEIL Anlagenbau can proudly demonstrate that it is keeping the pace, and that flexibility as well as customer focus has always been among its greatest strengths during its 45-year competency in process technique. This is our priority, and it is written on the company banner according to Hans-Jürgen Keil, the founder of the company.

    We would like to express our thanks to our customer for the confidence it has placed in our company and all KEIL team members for their uncompromising effort.

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    Student’s traineeship & practice-oriented thesis allow a first glimpse of working life

    Interview with our present student trainee, Martin Wolke:

    As a student trainee with Keil Anlagenbau, Martin experiences daily working life and a great number of different tasks. Since his traineeship start with the company Keil Anlagenbau, he has learned a great deal about complex themes, and is now working at his bachelor thesis about Gravitube® in the field of process technique in his sixth semester. You will learn more about Martin‘s experiences in this short time and how he has managed the work with his colleagues in this interview.

    Hi Martin, how long have you been with Keil Anlagenbau, and how did you find our company?

    I have been here with Keil Anlagenbau since March 1, 2019, so I am quite new here. I got to know the company at the company contact fair called “Chance“ last year. I met my present mentor at the Keil Anlagenbau booth, and he told me about the possibility to write my bachelor thesis about the Gravitube® in the company. With this idea in mind, I sent my application to the company Keil Anlagenbau in December 2018, and after that, everything went really fast. After a short and successful interview, I was accepted.

    What does your work with colleagues with Keil Anlagenbau look like?

    My scope of tasks relates to the division R&D (Research & Development) as well as to planning and sales. I participate in various discussions and get an idea of the daily work of my colleagues. My mentor included me in the project work right at the beginning. Although I don’t have any professional experience in this field, I already understand quite a lot of it, and I will develop more efficient procedures for the dosing equipment in my bachelor thesis.

    Working together is very nice, and the working atmosphere is really laid back. We have lunch together quite often. For example, Tuesday is pizza day, we order pizza for lunch, and on Thursdays, it’s always barbeque with the other divisions.

    What do you think is the most fun in your traineeship?

    I definitely enjoy my traineeship because of the fantastic working atmosphere among colleagues. Eating lunch together and the soft drinks that are on the company make a difference, of course. My mentor introduced the problem I am dealing with in my bachelor work to me at the very beginning, he acquainted me with it very well, and he is a reliable contact person. I like the focus on R&D in my traineeship most, but planning and sales are interesting as well, and I’m already looking forward to learning about these activities and fields.

    What do you do in your free time?

    Next to my studies and the traineeship, I find my balance in football training once a week and during a play at the weekend. Otherwise, it’s great to see friends or just watch some series.

    Thank-you, Martin!

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    Glue production capacities extended

    Coaxial mixer for hot melt has been successfully commissioned by KEiL Anlagenbau

    One of the best-known German companies in consumer and industrial business, operating worldwide, has expanded its production equipment for glue in Southern Germany. 

    KEIL Anlagenbau is no stranger in this project. Since its foundation, KEIL Anlagenbau has been a specialist in equipment construction, and it has frequently been awarded with multiple large projects on a national and international level, including service and after sales, over the past decades.

    After concluding the basic and detail engineering stage in the Henkel project, the preparations for the installation got under way in September 2018. It was required for proper installation work to open the hall roof and to extend the existing steel construction. With the help of a 40-meter crane arm, the new 8000-kilogram (17636 lbs.) coaxial mixer was placed in its position. So, the project entered the new, critical phase.

    “A strict schedule and the coordination of multiple different work sections during running production“, replies Keil project manager, Michael Große Honebrink, when asked what his greatest challenge has been in project. “Under these conditions, the safety of all those involved, safe working conditions, has always been the number one consideration.“

    Also, the project has required a great deal as far as the technical features are concerned. Dosing equipment for fluids and solids, conveyance system for drums with calibrated filling measurement system. Pipelines to convey the mediums have been provided with a double jacket as mediums are heated to a temperature up to 200°C (392°F).

    On top of the engineering work and the high requirements regarding numerous manual and technical skills, the new equipment has finally been integrated into the control system.

    We would like to express our thanks for the great cooperation and look forward to being able to hand the equipment over to the operator.

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    Training offensive against shortage of specialists

    Trainee program for project managers developed by Keil Anlagenbau

    Competent and well-trained project managers with professional experience in (customized) equipment construction are harder to find today than the proverbial needle in the haystack! That is reason enough for Keil itself to take care of the further qualification its specialists. An in-house trainee program, developed especially for this purpose, will make sure the Keil specialists are com-ing up from its own ranks in the next years.

    The in-house trainee program in the field of project management comprises a number of different site assignments, the program features training in purchasing, electrical engineering and automa-tion, and it includes gaining insight in the planning and construction of processing equipment, and sales activities. Also, regular feedback discussions and intensive support and mentoring are an ele-mentary component of success for us. 

    ”It takes two years, and we will have motivated, young employees at our side by means of our in-house professional training and development, ready to meet all challenges in this complex technical environment.“ says Josef Koopmann, Head of the Engineering Department. “This is something we are confident and positive about.” 

    Our first trainee, Philipp Martinpott, who started his Keil-internship in November 2018, comments the trainee program:

    “I have access to an extensive and broad overview of all departments at KEIL, and through this, I get to know new colleagues and the interfaces much better. The greatest advantage of the pro-gram is, as far as I am concerned, that I have two years to focus and prepare myself intensively for my future job.“

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    Support for KEIL Team

    Maik Mannel, a longtime KEIL employee, is moving on from the department of Planning & Sales into Service & After Sales at the beginning of the new year.


    The department manager at Service & After Sales, Danny Leichsenring, is very pleased about the new member of his team as he will benefit from Maik Mannel’s move, gaining new, strong sales staff for the team.

    “It is important for us to communicate our strength above the remedying of technical problems to our customers“ says Danny Leichsenring. In times when service is not just limited to repairs and delivery of spare parts it definitely means the safe functioning of production equipment in its ever increasing complexity. We need to understand the requirements of our customers and we must serve our customers’ needs sustainably. 

    Maik Mannel is your person of contact with the company Keil Anlagenbau to render high-quality services to you as our customer.


    Telephone: +49 5475 9200 157

    Mobile: +49 1525 633 8970

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    MTS – three letters granting safety for the production

    The production from the IBC containers can be supplied by means of the mother/daughter stations – in short MTS – by KEIL Anlagenbau without being interrupted. The renowned filter specialist Hengst from Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia has not been operating just one but a 12-fold mother/daughter station to supply its facility since the end of last...

    The task was clearly defined for the planning team with KEIL Anlagenbau. An operating equipment for the discharge of Polyols and Isocynates from IBC containers must be replaced by a modern and new equipment. „The special features of this system are an upgraded construction and a modern operating system, next to the continuous supply of the production with constant product quality,“ says Manfred Witte from the sales department with the company KEIL Anlagenbau, looking back on the successful project.
    By means of the mother/daughter system by KEIL Anlagenbau this is exactly the right solution starting from engineering all the way to the commissioning of the facility.

    A great number of parameters and boundary conditions required some consideration regarding design and construction. Also, the connection with the eight users with the automation was a very critical criterion next to the products, which are partly heated or provided with mineral filling material, and operated in a viscosity bandwidth from a few hundred up to ten thousand mPas.

    And of course a rapid implementation

    To deinstall the old equipment, to install the new one and to affect the filter manufacturer’s production as little as possible - “a task to be implemented by a high degree of prefabrication only“, according to Sebastian Völkening, the project manager. The entire MTS station was prefabricated in the KEIL workshop in Hunteburg, to be cold-commissioned, tested and disassembled, to be assembled and installed in its new place of operation.

    “We only had e time frame of three weeks, and in addition, the old equipment was supposed to be deinstalled outside this three-week period“, Sebastian Völkening tells us. In spite of these difficulties, the equipment was taken into operation according to the plans shortly before Christmas.

    The feedback by our customer is quite descriptive.

    • Workplace safety by means of simple and better handling
    • Environmental safety by means of a design, compliant with German Water Act directives
    • Quality by means of continuous and reproducible product supply.
    • Project management according to a plan

    The entire project team with KEIL Anlagenbau would like to express their thanks for the great cooperation, and the team is ready for the next upcoming projects.

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    Efficiency by your side - Control system for a new pig installation enhances productivity directly

    KEIL Anlagenbau installs and programs the control of a new pig installation for a well-known manufacturer of colors in Southern Germany according to a tight time schedule. After commissioning and the customer’s approval, the production advantages are immediately noticeable for the equipment operator.

    “An outstanding performance“, reports the project manager for electrical engineering, Franz-Josef Melcher, with KEIL Anlagenbau. The Keil team only had two weeks to carry out the required tasks relating to an automated pigging system. In this time, Keil Anlagenbau had to do the electrical installation, I/O check and to commission the five pigging systems, starting from the mixing vessels all the way to a multitude of finished product containers. “Everything went according to plan, the equipment could be started on time“, states Franz-Josef Melcher.

    The operator of the new unit was ready to give positive feedback to Keil Anlagenbau after the very first operating weeks. The customer was able to increase the production efficiency considerably by means of the new system. The project team would like to take this opportunity to express their thanks to the customer and to wish him great success. 

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    Safety first!

    KEIL experts are getting qualified by means of an internationally valid IPAF certificate for safe handling with mobile elevating platforms (MEWP)


    The experts with KEIL Anlagenbau are refreshing their qualification to operate a mobile elevating working platform by getting theoretical and practical training during a long instruction day.

    “The required authorization to operate mobile elevating working platforms according to the German DGUV limits the operating scope to a national level. This is a limit that does not allow Keil Anlagenbau sufficient scope of action nor flexibility in its international installation and assembly work“, says Uwe Spelleken, the quality manager and management representative with Keil Anlagenbau. For this reason, more extensive and intensive training for the IPAF qualification is being planned.

    With this goal, Keil Anlagenbau intends to include an important component in its SCC certification.W

    We wish the Keil employees not only success in their challenging tasks in the future but also continued safety in their work on-site and a safe return back home again.   

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    Contribution for a cause: Donation to the Wilhelm Busch primary and secondary school in Hunteburg

    KEIL Anlagenbau made a donation to the Wilhelm Busch primary and secondary school in Hunteburg on Friday, January 25, 2019.

    A document imaging camera and a projector were handed over to the Wilhelm Busch primary and secondary school (WBS) by Fabian Keil and Olga Richter, employees with KEIL Anlagenbau, true to the motto “from the region for the region”, on January 25, 2019. The devices were received with joy and a very warm and heartfelt thank-you by Ms. Menke, the director of the school. By means of these new mobile units, teaching of classes will be elevated to a new technical level.

    Speaking of technical matters: On the so called Girls‘ and Boys‘ Future Day, KEIL opens its doors to students to give them insight into technical fields. This day takes place at regular intervals, and those interested from the Wilhelm Busch primary and secondary school are welcome to take part and to work on minor projects of their own, such as to construct a desk lamp out of pipes or to create and form a cellphone holder.

    We are very pleased about the great cooperation with the WBS Hunteburg and look forward to further regional cooperation.

    Photo: From left to right: Olga Richter (KEIL Anlagenbau), Fabian Keil (KEIL Anlagenbau),Annegret Menke (WBS Hunteburg, principal)

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    No destination to distant, no route too long - commissioning of the Pentane equipment delivered by KEIL Anlagenbau in Chile

    A blowing agent storage system for Pentane has been successfully commissioned by Keil Anlagenbau for a well-known German mechanical engineering company in Santiago de Chile shortly after the beginning of the new year.

    The tried and tested equiment technology consists not only of an underground container but also of the required equipment for remote filling and continuous production supply. Control, safety devices and the model to be operated in a potenially explosive area round off the overall system.

    The container and pipelines were mounted and installed bei KEIL experts in the previous year. The storage system, assembled and installed for numerous customers many times in the past years, is now supplying blowing agent on a new production site for sandwich and cold-storage cell elements in the capital city in one of the south-American countries.

    At the end of the project, we would like to thank our customers and wish them much success with the new equipment.



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    Contract Award for Tank Equipment

    KEIL Anlagenbau has been awarded a contract by Blickle Räder + Rollen GmbH & Co.KG in Rosenfeld, Germany, to set up a new storage tank equipment.

    KEIL Anlagenbau is going to install an entirely heated storage tank farm for the supply of media for a new production equipment for the company Blickle Räder und Rollen GmbH & Co.KG, a leading German manufacturer of wheels and castors worldwide, in the upcoming month.

    Along with demanding mechanical requirements, starting with discharging process from the tank trucks, going on to the storage and right up to the supply of the users in the production facility, KEIL Anlagenbau will also provide the complete control technique and visualization.

    This is where our customer will benefit from the longstanding know-how that KEIL Anlagenbau has in the field of the temperating control, and temperature-sensitive handling of media.

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    Keil at the Chance 2018

    The company contact fair, “Chance“, takes place at the Osnabrück University of Technology each year. More than 130 regional and national companies from various sectors and economic fields are represented on the exhibition stands, offering topics to the students, bachelor students and final year students for their final theses, including the “Young...

    The company contact fair, “Chance“, takes place at the Osnabrück University of Technology each year. More than 130 regional and national companies from various sectors and economic fields are represented on the exhibition stands, offering topics to the students, bachelor students and final year students for their final theses, including the “Young Professionals” at all technical universities and institutes with regard internship and opportunities for career entries. 

    We, from the company Keil Anlagenbau, were also represented at the Chance 2018 with a stand of our own on Monday, October 29, 2018, and we had many interesting talks with students and graduates. 

    We had brought bundles of sundry announcements for internships and topics for Bachelor theses with us to the fair; six official announcements in the field of process technology and five announcements in the field of IT & automation technology among other things, as well as further topics in the fields construction, personnel management, communication management and business engineering.

    Having this possibility for an exchange, Keil seized the opportunity to present itself as an employer on the Chance, and also to recruit new, qualified employees. Within two weeks, four promising applications have already been submitted. The other interested applicants wishing feedback from Keil have also been informed.  

    You can find our current announcements regarding topics for final theses and internships here:

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    Company continuation after change of management with KEIL Anlagenbau made sure

    On October 1, 2018, Mr. Ingo Wassum-Paul will take over the management of the company KEIL Anlagenbau as chief executive officer as Mr. Arno Haase-Camper is leaving and getting prepared for new professional challenges.

    With Mr. Wassum-Paul, KEIL Anlagenbau has been able to win over an experienced managing director as a CEO in the field of international plant engineering and construction. Relying on his long-standing professional experience from working for an energy plant construction company and within the field of heating and process heat industry, Mr. Wassum-Paul will soon take the lead, implementing the long-term KEIL Anlagenbau strategy efficiently and continuously together with the entire KEIL Team.




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    Successful annual “Future Day for Girls and Boys“ with KEIL

    On August 30, 2018, the so called “Future Day for Girls and Boys“ was organized for students in the 8th grade at the Wilhelm-Busch School in Hunteburg.

    Four students from WBS Hunteburg were able to get to know our company and meet our trainers, see the offices and the workshops and to work at their own project during this day. By means of the project, each of the students learned to assemble his or her own desk lamp according to a specific drawing, including installation and electrical engineering. After a successful approval by our quality manager with his official seal, the students were allowed to take the lamps home with them.  

    The presentation of future training possibilities and future perspectives with the company KEIL was a key part of the day, to make the students understand that especially a professional career with an apprenticeship is absolutely worthwhile from the future point of view and particularly appealing as there are a great number of possibilities in all career fields.

    The day war successful for us and the students. The feedback we received from them was that they all had learned something important for their professional future. Two of the students would like to do an internship with the company KEIL, and we are already looking toward to this.  

    Foto: All four desk lamps in a row assembled by the students, and they function as they should. Due to data protection and consideration of the rights to one’s own image, we do not publish any pictures of the students in this article.

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    KEIL Anlagenbau awarded major order for foam supply

    KEIL Anlagenbau emphasized with its competence once again, and a major order for mother/daughter stations for a leading manufacturer for filtration systems in the north of North Rhine-Westphalia was awarded to KEIL Anlagenbau.

    With the application of mother/daughter systems for storage and production supply by means of KEIL Anlagenbau, the advantages of traditional storage tank equipment and the improved flexibility of supply out of container units are united.

    The scope of the order covers both the process steps of the storage and a safe, continuous supply of the production with a multitude of different material components in consistent quality.

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    Five new trainees starting their careers with KEIL!

    Whether technical or commercial focus, KEIL Anlagenbau offers a comprehensive training program for its own next-generation skilled specialists. For this reason, we provide training for young people this year again: Five new trainees joined our KEIL team on August 1, 2018.

    Mohammad Mohseni and David Weber have started their training as plant mechanics with our company. We are happy to have Eray Celik in the department of electronics. Alex Ungemach has started his training as a warehouse logistics specialist, and Louis Surmann has found his personal path to be trained as an IT specialist.

     We are pleased to have the young specialist trainees with us; these training programs open up excellent opportunities for each of them. After the completion of training they will have the best chances for a permanent position, and KEIL Anlagenbau GmbH & CO. KG wants to offer a long-term future perspective to qualified young people.

    Photograph (from left to right): Jens Bothe (authorized signatory & commercial manager), Mohammad Reza Mohseni (plant mechanic trainee), Andreas Düvel (training manager for plant engineering), David Weber (plant mechanic trainee), Simon Lampe (IT training manager), Alex Ungemach (warehouse-logistics specialist trainee), Franz-Josef Melcher (team leader for electrical installation), Louis Surmann (IT specialist trainee), Helmut Marten (warehouse employee), Eray Celik (electrical engineering trainee), Olga Richter (personnel division manager)

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    Company anniversaries at KEIL Anlagenbau

    In the first half of 2018, we were able to thank loyal KEIL Anlagenbau employees once again for the services they have performed, and to congratulate them on each of their anniversaries. In a constantly accelerating age, we are even prouder than ever to be able to count an long-serving staff members and colleagues.

    We would like honor and congratulate and express our hearfelt thanks......

    ... to 20th anniversary Heike Wrampelmeyer (01.02.) 30th anniversary Klaus Ronnebaum (14.03.)

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    KEIL Anlagenbau delivers equipment for Storage Tank Farm in California

    Milestone contract characterized by green business and resource efficiency: CalAf LLC in California places an order on an entire Siempelkamp facility for a tank farm for processing of rice straw.

    Krefeld, Germany, June 14, 2017, - many years of research and development work with the preparation of annual plants for the production of fiberboards; this technological lead by Siempelkamp provided the key Impetus for the Placement of another Major contract from the USA. The American company CalAG LLC commissioned Siempelkamp with the delivery of a production facility for fiberboards made of rice straw. CalPlant LCC invests more then USD 315 M for the new production site in Willows, California. By means of this sizeable order, Siempelkamp will unfold its complete service portfolio again and plan, construct, deliver and commission the entire mechanical engineering for the site in Willows from one source, with a contract value of EUR 75 M.

    Project background Information:

    Rice straw is an abundant raw material in North America, as roughly 10.000.000 tons of rice is grown in the USA each year. This makes the United States, the eleventh country after Japan,one of the largest Producers of rice in the world. The main growing areas are in Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Louisana and California. The Californian purchaser CalAG LLC signed the supply contract on June, 14, shortly after it was announced during this year's LIGNA 2017 exhibition in Hanover that the required investment volume had been successfully achieved by means of public investor participation. The future production site of CalAG LLC will be financed by issuance of bonds at the New York Stock Exchange.  

    The order placed on Siempelkamp covers the entire treatment of rice straw bales by Pallman with devices to untie and tear the bales as well as with cleaning equipment for straw to exclude coarse material and dust.Two refiners for the defibration of rice straw are also delivered by Pallmann, in a typical design for annual plants with a horizontal cooker to avoid any bridging of fibers. The cleaning equipment for the precipitation of the silica parts in the fibers is a special contruction, developed by Siempelkamp, and especially tailored for the processing of rice straw.

    The gas-fired fiber dryer, driven by a dryer system utilizing natural gas, with a drying performance exceeding 32 t/h atro, is delivered by the subsidiary, Büttner, as well as those energy systems required for steam and heat generation. The Front-End Technology, required for fibers and mats, is delivered by the Italian subsidiary, CMC. to comply with the strict environmental requirements in California, banning the use of formaldehyde in glues, a special glueing system with a turbo mixer is used. This high speed mixer is able to process Isocyanate PMDI according to a method developed by Siempelkamp. 

    The core component of the future production equipment for the manufacture of rice straw fiberboards is of course, the ContiRoll® of the latest generation 9 with its numerous improvements, such as e.g. the highly efficient drive motor ContiRoll Ecodrive, offering energy savings potential to the operator at least 7 % under full load operation and up to 14 % in partial load operation. Next to the development of mechanic and hydraulic machine components, the newly created Siempelkamp Press Controller SPC, as a pressure / position control system, makes sure that the required press forces or press distances are strictly observed by means of advanced hardware technology and precise sensor technology in the technological press zones. The ContiRoll® will Feature a variable press width of 8 - 10" and a length of 35,4 m.

    The finishing includes a diagonal saw, held as rip-cut saw exclusive formats for Columbia Forrest Products, one of the Major US American suppliers for wood-based materials as a main purchaser of fiberboards. Besides the grinding and stacking line, a fully automatic storage system with warehouse vehicles and a base carrier also belong to the scope of delivery. After the commissioning, planned for the end of 2018, CalAg LLC will produce a volume of 200.000 m3 fiber boards per year by using the Siempelkamp equipment.



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    KEIL's successful multiple certification!

    High quality and sense of responsibility is not simple a question of faith. For this reason, KEIL Anlagenbau has had its company examined and successfully certified according to the standards ISO9001 (quality management), ISO14001 (environmental management) and SCC (safety, health and environmental protection).

    The certification was carried out within an integrated management systems (IMS), featuring serveral certificates in combination. We are very proud to have taken this step and have to achieved our goal, being able to present the satisfying outcome to our customers. KEIL Anlagenbau is consciously committed to the importance ragarding quality, environment and safe working place, which are combined in the certification. This is why we have been very keen on letting our management system and our structures, processes and working methods be examined by an accredited institution. Our objective is to improve customer benefits on a continual basis, to be the first present and future choice when our customers are seeking technically sophisticated, safe and environmentally sound solutions.

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    Self-Blending Station with integrated GRAVITUBE® Dosing Technique

    Another self-blending station with GRAVITUBE® dosing technique, developed by KEIL Anlagenbau, was successfully commissioned and handed over to an automotive supplier in Russia.

    In addition to the high dosing accuracy, the reliable reproducibility as well as the marginal maintenance requirements of GRAVITUBE® , the obtained flexibility and the accompanying significant contributions to cost reduction in the production were decisive for the choice of the GRAVITUBE® Technology. Learn more about GRAVITUBE® in 

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    Press release - KEIL Anlagenbau with its strategic partners is set for growth

    Effective and sustainable development opportunities rendered to the manfucturer of special equipment by a new shareholder structure.

    The middle-sized Enterprise, Hans-Jürgen Keil Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG, from Bohmte-Hunteburg in the state of Lower Saxony, with its more than 100 employees has succeeded in winning over two strategic Partners, the SCHULZ Group of companies and the Haspa Beteiligungsgesellschaft für den Mittelstand (Haspa BGM). The Keil Family shall remain in the business as a shareholder along with the new investors.

    The SCHUZ Group, founded in Visbek, in the state of Lower Saxony, in 1954, counts worldwide more than 1.000 associates and is one of the leading developers of comprehensive automation solutions for various branches. At the same time, the enterprise unites all three disciplines of the automation technique - from mechanics over electronics to information technology - and offers the entire value-added chain from a single source.

    The Haspa BGM, a subsidiary of Hamburger Sparkasse AG, has been a partner with the German medium-sized companies for 20 years, offering equity-based financing especially for growing businesses and succession regulation.

    Arno Haase-Camper, the CEO with KEIL Anlagenbau, describes the advantages of the new constellation: "We will benefit from our new partners in two ways. On one hand, we will profit from the additional know-how increasing our competences. On the other hand, we will set the economic course for further technological development of our products and services."




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    Successful business year in the manufacture and assembly of switchgear

    One of the most important and successful pillars in our company is the planning, manufacture, construction and assembly of switchgear for process equipment, tank equipment, biogas plants, special equipment, low-voltage distribution plants and of corse also equipment for drive technology.

    KEIL Anlagenbau has been certified according to UL508A. This certification is required for the manufacture and assembly of switchgear for the North American market.

    To name a few of the highlights of the past year are among other things switchgear for dosing equipment, bitumen blending facilities, foil cutting and foil wrapping machines, storage tank farms and biogas plants.

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    Professional development and occupational safety are central topics for KEIL Anlagenbau

    We consider professional development on a regular basis as an essential feature to let the staff members' keep their know-how up-to-date. The current state of knowledge and the professional skills and expertise of our staff members are the key to the success of our company.

     To keep the knowledge of our staff members up-to-date, we had 18 staffers participating in a WHG (Federal Water Resources Act in Germany) training course for beginners, and 12 staffers participating in a WHG specialist course, who all acquired each his/her certificate during the fall this year.

  • asf

    Major project finished with success in the USA

    KEIL Anlagenbau has delivered a PMDI storage tank farm to the United States of America. The entire switch and control equipment has been constructed for North America according to UL 508a by KEIL Anlagenbau and approved by the authorities

  • asf

    Multifunctional Recycling Equipment for the United Arab Emirates

    KEIL Anlagenbau and its cooperation partner RAMPF Eco Solutions have delivered specifically multifunctional recycling equipment to a leading supplier of insulating technology in Dubai and commissioned it.

    Our customer can now manufacture Polyols of its PUR/PIR residues in an eco-friendly and flexible manner and, in addition, it has the possibility to obtain Ester Polyols on the PET or PSA (Phthalic Anhydride) basis for its production of end products by means of the same equipment.

    Based on the customer specific requirements, KEIL Anlagenbau und RAMPF Eco Solutions have modified and optimized the chemical process as well as the system technological recycling process accordingly. The additonal benefit is even greater for our customer.

    The construction of this equipment took place under qualified supervision by KEIL personnel under difficult conditions during the summer month. The customer was impressed of the automated PUR recycling equipment in all aspects. After the successful commissioning by KEIL Anlagenbau and RAMPF Eco Solutions, the equipment was handed over to our customer.



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    New Steam System

    KEIL Anlagenbau was commissioned by a cooperative industrial plant in July to provide the plant with a new steam supply center.

    After more than four decades after the foundation as a heating engineering company and the following subsequent further development into a variety of business fields and industries, KEIL Anlagenbau still provides its customers with industrial supply technique.

    Here, KEIL offers its customers in the market optimum solutions for various energy sources in the production and distribution. By way of example, systems for heat transfer and thermal oil process energy, as well as warm or hot water and / or cooling water systems are frequently requested items.



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    KEIL Anlagenbau for good cause - for the region!

    KEIL Anlagenbau donating to a good cause: with great pleasure, a check amounting to EUR 1.000 was presented to both kindergartens in Hunteburg on July 06, 2017. This donation will be used to renovate and re-equip these kindergartens so that the children will have a larger area for playing, and to improve the child care capacity.

    The choice of the kindergartens in Hunteburg as recipients of the donation resulted from survey information gathered from our KEIL employees. Particular emphasis was laid on a regional use of the donated money.





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    Company anniversaries at KEIL Anlagenbau

    In the first half of 2017, we were able to thank many loyal KEIL Anlagenbau employees for the services they have performed, and to contratulate them on each of their anniversaries. In a constantly accelerating age, we are even prouder than ever to be able to count an long-serving staff members and colleagues.

    We would like honor and congratulate and express our hearfelt thanks..... 5th anniversary Caroline Hartmann (February 6,2017) 5th anniversary Stefan Borgerding (April 1, 2017) 10th anniversary Maik Fritzke (February 1, 2017) 20th anniversary Martin Oelgeschläger (April 21, 2017) 20th anniversary Sebastian Völkening, Leonid Schefner and Nina Wanner (May 1, 2017) 30th anniversary Ingo Maßbaum (June 12, 2017)




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    Interview: practical semester and bachelorthesis at KEIL Anlagenbau

    Edgar G. is in his last semester, and studies process engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany, and he has been doing his practical semester of work in the field of “Research & Development“ at the company KEIL Anlagenbau since March 2017...

    After the 3-month practical period, Edgar G. is going to start writing his undergraduate thesis (BA). 

    We asked Edgar G.:

    Hi Edgar, you have been doing your practical work semester here with our company. What made you decide for us?

    I have specifically chosen KEIL Anlagenbau because it is important for me to get to know my colleagues at work personally, and because a good working atmosphere is an essential prerequisite for me. Another aspect has definitely been the recommendation from my fellow students as their experiences with KEIL has always been positive.

    How do you like it with us?

    My expectations have been exceeded. On the one hand, this is due to the possibility of getting extensive insights in the world of plant engineering and construction and on the other hand, it is because of the outstanding support. My mentor, Christian G., sets as much time aside as possible to answer my questions within the range of his capabilities, and entrusts me with responsible assignments that are important for the current projects. As I had not expected such an amount of diverse areas of responsibility –I am happy all the more to be able to get a taste of the various fields.

    Also, I received a warm welcome as a new colleague from the entire staff and I was harmoniously integrated so that I found it easy to get connected. Keil’s “Barbecue-Thursday“  is definitely a credit to the company. Once week, on Thursdays, you can enjoy your Bratwurst with colleagues you would not have contact with on a daily basis.

    What are the tasks that interest you quite especially?

    What I enjoy most is to talk to customers and suppliers because I get a chance to get in touch with a great deal of individual people and to experience directly how a quotation is put together for the equipment. Also, equipment design and construction is very valuable knowledge, as well as the economic drawing up a balance sheet covering the equipment components – an item that would desire a lot more attention in the studies.

    What do you say about the practical application of the work semester?

    So far, I have been very pleased with the practical application – I have a good mentor and an interesting range of responsibilities. My workplace is technically fully equipped, which is of course a great advantage just as the organization of flexible working hours. This allows me not only to keep up with my activity as a volleyball coach but also to find time to go to the library.

    How would you sum up?

    If you feel like studying engineering and construction, and if you need a place for your practical part, you will be 100% right with Keil Anlagenbau. In any case, I am going to recommend Keil Anlagenbau for the practical semester of work, because there must be good support for the work  –  and at KEIL, you will have the guarantee.



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    GRAVITUBE® has been established in the automotive industry

    GRAVITUBE® dosing equipment, developed by the company Keil Anlagenbau, has been successfully used by a leading automotive supplier in Great Britain.

    We are pleased to have now also completed the commissioning of a GRAVITUBE® dosing equipment for the very same customer with equal success at a plant in Poland. During this application, high dosing accuracy, reliable reproducibility as well as low maintenance costs von GRAVITUBE® are decisive factors among others.

    Also, we have been able to convince our customers of a short installation time on-site, possible by means of a high degree of prefabrication. 

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    KEIL Anlagenbau secures the USA contract for a fiberboard plant

    In February 2017, KEIL Anlagenbau received an additional order for the delivery of a pMDI storage tank equipment in the USA.

    The company Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau located in Krefeld has placed an order with KEIL Anlagenbau for the construction of an entire temperated Isocyanate storage equipment in the USA. The order volume shall comprise the delivery of all containers for a new fiberboard plant in South Carolin, USA, as well.

    Along with its long-term experience in the field of the storage of Isocyanates, KEIL Anlagenbau will apply its know-how in the performance of customer-specific requirements and provide the customer with its technological expertise in the project. We are already looking forward to a successful teamwork!




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    Successful show at the European Coatings Show

    For the first time, KEIL Anlagenbau participated as an exhibitor at the European Coatings Show in Nürnberg with more than 30.000 industry visitors. The excellent response from the national und international visitors at our trade show booth was a delight and source of inspiration for our on-site show team.

    The presentation of the new, patented dosing system, GraviTube, developed by KEIL Anlagenbau, stood in focus of our part of the trade show. The professional visitors were especially impressed by the accurate results of the dosing tests that were displayed by means of the test model, constructed for testing purposes. The demonstration showed how this dosing system allows precise dosing amounts from 20 up to 500g with tolerances in places after the decimal point. The visitors were very interested in our new development as they could see how the system offers a broad application range in their production processes.

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    Successfully completed professional training and takeover by KEIL!

    We are very proud and pleased to be able to take over both of our (former) apprentices Tobias Joachimmeyer (2nd fro right), and Steffen Tiesing (2nd from left), after the successful completion of their vocational training in January 2017.

    We attach great importance to having the capability of taking on trainees and keeping them on staff and thus ensuring that we always have both skilled technical and managerial stuff for the future.

    A considerable plus for us: Know-How from our own ranks. An advantage for our apprentices: a secured workplace and position in a future-oriented and growing company.

    By the way: We are looking for new apprentices for the year of 2017!

    Look for more Information in:




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    KEIL Anlagenbau with a major purchase order by key account customer from the chemical industry

    Award of supplement for storage tank farm project emphasizes great ambitions.

    KEIL Anlagenbau was awarded with the supplement for the implementation of a major storage tank farm project by our customer in the north of Germany, in December 2016. This order means a fulminant start of the business year 2017 for KEIL, combined with great ambitions. The planning work for the project is well under way. The storage tank farm will include temperated containers and pump stations as well as a large number of heated double-jacket pipelines. The customer is well known for his high standards of quality and requirement for on-time execution - for KEIL Anlagenbau an additional stimulation, to prove its longtime experience in technical know-how and project management again.

  • asf

    Health and Safety Day 2017 on KEIL Premises

    Instructions for employees are a cornerstone of our policy concerning the operational work protection, as a SAFE and HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT matters for us. Our annual Health and Safety Day was on January 13, 2017.

    The aim of operational work protection and of the corresponding instructions is to achieve and to maintain safe and healthy working conditions and behavior. This means knowledge and awareness, addressing, practicing and rehearsing  the skills and capabilities of the employees. The choice and priority of the instruction topics result from the production features and potential dangers so that the following topics were put on the agenda this year:

    • How to handle PPE against fall from heights
    • How to handle forklifts
    • Aerial work patforms, cranes and lifting tackles
    • Explosion protection
    • Safe use of work equipment

    The employees were instructed in the handling of electric current and use of ladders and scaffolding as these are always present topics involving potential danger. A special highlight of this year was not only the instruction for fire prevention, but also handling of fire extinguishers. The employees were specifically instructed to extinguish fire. We were very glad to have the fire control support from Andreas Götze Brandschutzservice. To sum up the successful day would be how to Keep the Topic Health and Safety at Workplace always present, to identify dangers and risks as early as possible and to minimize these accordingly. The well-beeing of each individual employee is our first prioriy!

  • asf

    Order placed on a large bitumen blending equipment

    KEIL Anlagenbau implements a large-scale project for Carlisle Construction Materials Europe.

    With the construction of a large bitumen blending equipment, the second major project was already assigned to KEIL Anlagenbau in December. The order consists of the planning work, construction and the commissioning of the equipment. The specialist for permanent roof sealings from Hamburg relies on the experience and the expertise of our planners, technicans and project managers regarding the expansion of his production capacity. KEIL Anlagenbau is also going to install the entire control system, visualization as well as the charge and recipe systems. This way all special competences of our company are approached by the order. We are very delighted about this great challenge.

  • asf

    Donation Campaign for the Orphanage Don Bosco in Osnbrück

    On December 6, 2016, KEIL Anlagenbau carried out a donation campaign for orophanage Don Bosco in Osnabrück, Germany.

    Following the old St. Nicholas Tradition, our staffers wrapped up stuffed animals, crayons, books, puzzles and other toys in mixed packages for the children. We were happy to hand over the colorful packages to the manager of the orphanage, and the children received the presents with joy and enthusiasm. KEIL Anlagenbau also donated an indoor swing for children to play and relax in, as a donation in kind to the orphanage. It has been one of the matters that lie close to our hearts to support an organization that daily manages to make children and their families smile even under difficult circumstances.



  • asf

    Tank equipment successfully inspected by Covestro

    During an inspection of a finished tank equipment at Keil customer's, Megaflex's, facility by means of a tank farm assessment (TFA), and carried out by the company Covestro, Keil Anlagenbau was attested with high professionalism and with excellent results.

    The first-rate TFA results are based on the fact that the equipment's technical conceptualization is of the best quality and because the occupational safety and health aspects, especially according to the ISOPA standard, have been considered.

  • asf

    Another major purchase contract has been placed with Keil Anlagenbau

    After a successful TÜV approval, the paint and coatings manufacturer Remmers GmbH in Lower Saxony will start to operate their new Equipment for glaze preparation in this week.

    Along with this, this major project will be finished after almost a year of construction and reconstruction on schedule. To allow the customer an uninterrupted production process during the installation work, the last steps in the project were carried out in multiple shifts during weekends. We would like to thank all those involved and in our project team for their outstanding Performance.

  • asf

    Gravitube finds its way in Prepolymer production

    Keil Anlagenbau has been awarded the contract for a construction of a new Prepolymer equipment.

    The System for a Vulkollan® processor consists of a reactor, clycol cleaning Equipment and NDI dosing unit. The Gravitube® Technology, developed by Keil Anlagenbau, has been integrated for fast, safe und high precision fine dosing of additional substances and additives with one Prepolymer reactor for the first time. Moreover, the technical upgrade of an old system with NDI dosing technique is completed in the present project.

  • asf

    Major project completed successfully!

    After almost a year of planning and installation, we are proud to have completed a major project with success.

    A storage tank farm for the storage of fluid raw materials for the foam production with a storage capacity of more than 1.000 m3 including mixing vessels and a silo for solids were erected in the east of Germany this year. We would like to thank the entire team for the efficient project work and for the competent implementation of the engineering, and we wish the operator much success.