Could my questions contribute to the solution exceeding all expectations?

01 The tasks performed by an industrial system can be incredibly complex. Which means that the details are even more decisive when it comes to the quality of the result. At Keil Anlagenbau, we respond to all challenges in close dialogue with our customers. We believe that advice always begins by listening very closely. And it is often customer questions that already contain a major part of the solution. We ensure that your questions result in even better answers. By working together with you we create the optimum foundations for successful projects and use them to develop solutions that deliver you the maximum in terms of efficiency.


Can I already discover the production standards of tomorrow today?

02Are you looking for a solution that still cannot be found anywhere on the market? Then Keil Anlagenbau is the right partner for you. Because invention is our strong suit. Our engineers have been developing unique custom solutions that fulfil special industrial demands for decades. This is how we are able to provide our customers with new, more efficient production possibilities and therefore supply them with significant competitive advantages.

Using your ideas and suggestions, our engineers develop a structured, transparent concept that we are happy to present to you on site. We create process charts and calculation bases in order to accelerate the process flows and present individual modules and components in detail. This is how we are able to inform you that our solution works perfectly and meets all of your standards efficiently. It is on this basis that we are able to achieve ground-breaking results in a short period of time.

Manufacturing and assembly

Who can guarantee that my production is running on time?

03Meeting deadlines is a significant part of your investment security, since your calculation is built on your production starting promptly. We know that all processes at Keil Anlagenbau are precisely coordinated with one another and therefore prevent unnecessary delays in the advice and planning phase. Our project management team is very strong and has been tried and tested over a number of years. What's more, we all have access to the necessary technical and human resources at our own Company, so that we can also handle complex projects at any time. This is how we are able to ensure that your system can start working on time.

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