Discharging units

Small, high-performance and with you in no time.

Our discharging units come into play anywhere that a tank would be oversized. They also provide a good interim solution in the event of a tank conversion, so that our clients are able to continue operating during building work.

One important advantage of our discharging stations is the quick availability. When it comes down to it, the station is available within a few weeks. In emergency cases, it can also be within just 10 days. The flexibility, low space requirement and minimal purchasing costs are further arguments in favour of Keil discharging stations.

 Performance as:

  • IBC discharge station
  • Mother-daughter station
  • Drum discharge station






Make the most of our multifaceted discharging stations.

Alongside PUR systems, discharging stations are suited to all materials that are delivered in transport containers. As a stand-alone solution, it is possible to connect it to a large-scale system, but this is not essential.

Plus points of your Keil discharging station:

  • CE-conform; UL conformity possible
  • Highly flexible system
  • Incredibly robust, durable design
  • Individually modifiable

Interested? Our employees are on hand to answer any questions about discharging stations. Get in touch!

Product sheet Mother-daughter station_MTS

Product sheet Double-Mother-daughter station_DMTS

Product sheet Container-discharging station_CES




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